News Regarding Price of allotments around the country 19/20

Have your allotment rents risen this year if so how much !!!

Already 2019 rents are being discussed

Just heard only council going from £78 to £132 for full 250 sq mtr plot

Are you one of those !!!


Sadly to council covers all over the region are becoming tight and allotments are being hard hit with reduction in spending and in some cases zero spend.

Self management is not the answer to all sites so you need seriously to look at the pro's and con's before going down that round.

Can you raise funds via the lottery or local groups NHS , Scouts etc


RENTS will increase and services will decrease


Allotment rents in Nottingham are rising by 300 per cent over the course of five years.The first rent increase in in a decade was introduced this year, and the cost will continue to increase up until 2022. 

The issue was raised at the Nottingham City Council meeting on Monday (May 14) when Councillor Andrew Rule asked portfolio holder for leisure and culture, Councillor David Trimble, if the rise would be replicated across other leisure activities.In his response Cllr Trimble said they would not, and added: “Rent on allotments in the city has not increased by a single penny in ten years [before this year]. Other leisure activities we offer have gone up year by year by year.

Sheffield City Council

To seek approval for an increase in allotment rent and water charges for 2018/19, in line with the current level of inflation (1.8%).

Decision type: Non-KeyDecision status: 

Recommendations Approved Notice of proposed decision first published: 22/03/2017

Drayton Parish Council

Allotment Rent Increases from April 2019 – Public Consultation
In a year’s time (March 2019) Drayton Parish Council proposes to increase charges for its allotments as follows:
Allotment Charges. Increased rents were last charged from March 2016 (1 year’s notice required). 

Annual charges are currently £15; £7.50; or £11.25, depending on plot size
The revised charges (to be effective March 2019) are: £50 (full plot); £25 (half plot) and £37.50 (intermediate).
It was also Resolved that when new full sized plots fall vacant they should be divided to provide offers of two half plots to those on the waiting list.

Hyndburn Council

Proposals have been submitted to Hyndburn Council to increase minimum rent charges by £5 each year in 2020 and 2021, which currently sits at £40.It has also been proposed to increase the price per square metre per annum from £18 to £22 in 2020,and then to £23 the following year.The minimum cost would then sit at £45 in 2020 and £50 in 2021, which is the price below which the rent will not drop, regardless of plot size.


Currently the total annual rental collected from all allotments across the city is £80,355. Most of this is used to pay for the allotment service and maintain existing sites. The rent of £100 per year was set by increases over the past five years - from £54 in 2009 to £100 in 2014. This increase was at the instigation of allotment holders themselves who responsibly wished to improve allotment provision in the city so that the ever increasing waiting lists may be reduced by creating new sites. This agreement also stated that rents would be fixed at £100 until 2020 when increases based on inflation increases would be acceptable.

We now have the situation where allotments in the city pay for themselves. This is in contrast to most other cities where they operate at a net cost to the Council taxpayers.

Now CEC want to increase their income from allotments by £150,000. That’s an increase from £80,000 to £230,000. Put simply - allotments are to become a method of revenue generation.